Random Recent Surname News

  • Husbands could take wives' surname under Marriage equality bill (Malta Today)
    Apparently Malta has separate statuses for civil unions and marriages with their own unique rules about surname changes. The article says, "[A]s it stands, men can take their wives’ surnames if they enter into a civil union with them but not if they marry them. The ultimate aim is to have equality across the board.”
  • 'I didn't want to lose my identity when I got married': The new rules of name changing (Telegraph)
    This gossipy article gives an interesting overview of name changing views in the UK today and mentions the common occurrence of women who didn't change their names on marriage being called by their husband's name anyway. It also includes this ridiculous metaphor for one interviewee's view on the subject -  “I haven’t been gobbled up by a Pac-Man husband and spat out as something dependent or weaker or owned,” she says. “That, to me, symbolically, is what taking a husband’s surname would feel like.”  (Sidenote: I genuinely take issue with people saying changing your name at marriage means you lose your identity; it annoys me to no end. However, I do love a good Pac-man reference.)
  • I always wanted to be a Gabbar, says Vidya Balan (The Asian Age)
    From the very end of a Bollywood actress's interview. I love that she says something judgmental and then immediately says that she won't judge ("I don’t think any woman should change her surname. But then, to each their own. I am no one to sit and judge.").