More on Men Taking Their Wives' Names

In Marriage, Men are Taking Women's Names, By "The Writers", Man Repeller

I happened across this article tonight while waiting for my cue in my theater troupe's dress rehearsal of Much Ado About Nothing (I'm an understudy and we're having a special understudy performance this Sunday!). I'm writing this on my phone so forgive any lack of polish. The casual discussion between the two writers in this article is surprisingly traditional for an article on a site named Man Repeller but very insightful.

I particularly like this exchange: 

"Amelia: If you had the chance now, do you think you would ask Abie to take your name?

Leandra: I don’t think I would. I’d feel uncomfortable. That’s telling isn’t it? Maybe I’m old-fashioned

Amelia: Old fashioned in that specific category, sure, but then again, getting married is old fashioned. Having your dad walk you down the aisle while you’re wearing white is old fashioned. But it’s also kind of modern because these are things that still happen.
No one’s thinking about your virginity when you wear white
No one thinks your dad is selling you off for political reasons when he walks you down the aisle
What’s cool is that now, doing these things is a choice because we have the freedom to do whatever the hell we want."

The comment section is also full of little jewels like this:

"Chandler Dunn: I think tradition and stigma have a lot to do with women taking the man's last name, and I wonder if it is because we subconsciously see women, or really any person being proposed to, as the one being invited into something. I think we subconsciously forget we are creating something, not joining."

Basically, it's a short but delightful read. Go check it out!